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GroundUp Values

Increase the health and wellbeing of people around the world by bringing accessible, natural based, efficacious, wholesome products to market.

To deliver safe, efficacious, natural based products, addressing key market needs through a journey from product conceptualization, through to product launch and promotion.

Design and formulate supplement and functional food products based on a contextual understanding of the supplement & functional food industry, and an outstanding ability to develop efficacious products.

We will innovate, develop, grow and realise your project.

Our Objectives

  • Conceptualize, design and formulate supplement and functional food products based on a contextual understanding of the supplement & functional food industry, and an outstanding ability to develop efficacious products.

  • Consult on formulations for product developers, manufacturers and distributors.

  • Provide insights into established and developing markets, and product categories.

  • Attract investment via a number of vehicles such as partnerships, joint ventures, venture capital and crowdfunding.

  • Provide options for routes to market via established industry relationships.

Our History

GroundUp takes its roots from a team with decades of experience in fruit and vegetable management, handling, processing, nutrition, logistics and market delivery.  Having moved into plant and citrus extract research in the late 1990’s, the team has delivered a number of exceptional nutrition, supplement, and functional food products.

  • Fruit, vegetable and citrus product development and management.

  • Handling, processing, supply chain management and market delivery.

  • Plant and citrus extract research.

  • Natural product conceptualization and development through to launch.

Our Qualifications

Members of GroundUp include world class nutritionists, physiologists, medical and holistic doctors, engineers, supply chain and marketing specialists. The Innovations team has successfully launched many major products and industry standard processes, having been involved in multiple business sectors, and awarded a number of patents. Through this journey 2 nominations for the Nobel Prize have been gained, based upon the in-depth scientific research and understanding of efficacious natural ingredients and compounds.

GroundUp delivers upon a unique experience skill set, gained from involvement in small enterprise manufacturing and distribution, through to serving as top line executives of multinational companies.  Additionally, the team has regular broad interaction with regulatory authorities worldwide such as FDAs, Patent and Trademark Offices.

Our Clients & Example Case Studies

We understand the pain that manufacturers and product developers go through when trying to accomplish objectives without the powerful connections needed to market and distribute at the right level to adequately and successfully penetrate the market, and build ongoing day to day sales volumes.

Our clients include growers, food & beverage manufacturers, nutraceutical & natural ingredient suppliers, supply chain managers and fast food retailers.

Are you one of these people?

Example A

You are an executive of a major food company, and are keen to invest in a healthier range of products to complement your existing line up. You have decided to challenge the leading entrenched competitor in a targeted market segment and are looking for a way to distinguish yourself by providing a disruptive product within a closed, mature, and largely impenetrable category. You ask us to conceptualize and define a new differentiated product to ensure a superior offering, which would significantly reduce barriers to entry, whilst creating easily accessible marketing messages to promote early sales traction.

We analyse the market and identify significant opportunities within the identified segment, whereby your existing product, following reformulation by our in-house team, sets the proposed product ahead of the entrenched competitor at a similar price point. We also identify several other related categories in which your company could gain a significant market share in areas that you had not yet visualized, significantly increasing potential revenue.

Example B

You are a juice processor, and have on hand a surplus of juice. What do you do with juice for which there is no demand? – We analyse the market and conceptualize a product for a new formulated juice blend, using other surplus juices. A marketing strategy is created, and investment realised. The newly branded blend becomes the most successful product launch in the segment’s history.

Example C

You are a grower with undersized carrots which normally would go to the freezers, but this year there is no room and no use for them.  You try to make a snack carrot but cannot obtain adequate shelf life so that they survive the supply chain.  We create a manufacturing process, packaging, and handling system which all together provides a healthy nutritious end product that becomes the number one natural snack worldwide.  As a bonus, bi-products which would normally become waste now are the input for a variety of new products such as high end juices, animal feeds, and coloring agents.

Example D

You have a natural product that is good for you but doesn’t have an existing market. We analyze how the product can be purposed for various market segments, and identify potential – either existing or conceptualized – category opportunities.  A newly designed product with added value is created, along with a new category, brand and new, lucrative revenue streams.

Example E

You are the CEO of a nutraceutical company, with an existing product line.  Sales are stagnant.  You are looking to either expand your product range or improve the efficacy of some of your products.  You are finding it difficult to expand within your market segments using existing routes to market and distribution channels.

We show how to reformulate the product, and create a new marketing and promotion strategy that not only opens up new revenues but creates opportunities to penetrate other categories.

Example F

You have a good efficacious nutraceutical, but the launch is DOA.  There is no traction.  We analyze the product and the market, focusing on the consumer.  We identify the barriers to market, conceiving a new Form Factor of the existing product, with a low entry cost.  The product not only is successful, it becomes the category leader.

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